It takes courage to face what may be wrong … may it be unwanted feelings such as anxiety, depression, or loneliness; prior trauma; early childhood neglect or abuse; unfulfilling work; or issues with relationships.

After many years of intensive training and many more years practicing psychotherapy, I have seen that people can address their suffering and come to a place of greater peace within as well as improve their relationships, work concerns, and lives overall.

My approach is to use a deep understanding of one’s life to resolve these problems.  My intent is to elucidate our relationship as well as one’s current relationships, feelings, and experiences, to come to terms with what is truly wrong and resolve these difficulties.  I will help you to identify true impasse and move forward to find how your own true and authentic self knows what is truly best for your own life, and how to achieve your goals and intentions.

Lynn Winsten, Ph.D.

CA License # PSY11304

1209 Ordway Street Berkeley,
CA 94706
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Below you will find information about some of the problems I treat …

  • Childhood Neglect and/or Abuse

    Do you suspect or know that you were not happy and struggling as a child?  Perhaps you were singled out, ostracized, criticized, or picked on.  Or did you know that your parents/caretakers were unavailable to you – neglecting your needs, wants and feelings?  Perhaps they were ill physically and/or psychologically, preoccupied or struggling themselves.  Maybe they were prone to acting out on you, such as: raging, hitting, beating, or violating you sexually.   In all these ways parents can cause problems that haunt us throughout our lives —  we are mammals with huge brains and we do remember.

  • Career Concerns

    Having some trouble landing that job you would really like to have?  Not getting promoted in a timely manner … feeling stuck or used?  Or perhaps you have been confused about the direction you would like your life’s work to take?  Are you working in a career where you are not feeling gratified?

  • Anxiety

    We all have to have some anxiety or fear to navigate the world effectively.  But when you find anxiety inhibiting you from achieving your life’s goals, disrupting your sleep, making you worry seemingly all the time, interfering with your ability to concentrate and your connections, or ruining your ability to enjoy yourself, it’s time to share your concerns with an expert.

  • Loneliness

    Are you finding you feel alone or lonely even though you seem to have caring others around?  Maybe you find your life is really full of connection, but a profound sense of aloneness haunts you.  Or perhaps you find that you are too alone in this life and are longing for a partner or friends but seem unable to meet your needs in this regard?

    Experiences of loneliness are painful … so don’t suffer alone.  Take the next step (perhaps a truly difficult one)  and reach out to someone who has compassion and warmth for you,  as well as lots of experience with these intense feelings,  who can truly help you with your concerns.

  • Trauma/PTSD

    Have you experienced events in your life that were so overwhelming and stressful that they would cause anyone to shut down their feelings?   Perhaps you have horrid thoughts or visions that plague you?  Or perhaps you have powerful feelings that disrupt your life but you find you have no memories from where they derive?

    Maybe you have too much anxiety, depression, or loneliness; or find that you are numb emotionally or physically; or maybe your relationships don’t seem to work out; or you are addicted to substances, food, TV,  electronic devices or work; or perhaps your life is just not coming together as you wish.

    Sometimes when psychological or emotional symptoms are severe and strong there are causes we need to identify and explore.  Childhood abuse and neglect, spousal or partner abuse, severe health crises or accidents, early loss of a parent or other catastrophic events can cause these symptoms.

  • Relatonship Problems

    Do you find yourself struggling to make good, solid, satisfying relationships?  Perhaps you are having trouble finding a suitable partner, or you may be unhappy with your significant other.  Perhaps you are not seeming to get along well with authority or others at work.  Or maybe friendships seem difficult to come by or sustain.

    We all need healthy connections to feel good about being on the earth and feel good about ourselves.  It is probably one of the most important achievements of our lifetime.  If these are not working, likely we are in distress.

  • Life Transitions

    Are you aware that significant positive or negative life changes appear at the top of the Stressful Life Events Scale?  Are you surprised that getting married, buying a new home, moving to a place you desire, having one’s own family, starting a new career or even retiring is actually making you feel low, anxious, fearful and upset?

    Maybe it’s getting that job or promotion you’ve been after?  Yet again negative events such as loss, divorce (desired or not), and severe or debilitating illness or injury can be exacerbating your distress.  There is real help to cope with these life transitions.

  • Depression/Grief

    Having trouble getting motivated or interested in things?  Prone to only seeing the negative … the glass feels half empty?  Do you find yourself tearing up or sad at the drop of a hat or a good deal of the time?  Are you so low that you have contemplated taking your own life?  Can you not seem to get over the loss of a loved one?