Anxiety counseling: Does it work?

Many people who struggle with anxiety also struggle to find a method of handling their anxiety that will be effective and beneficial for them in the long run. If you or someone you love experiences anxiety of any frequency, you likely know that there are both healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms but sometimes when the […]

Tips for Dealing With Loneliness

Everyone, at some point in their life, has experienced loneliness, either after the loss of a loved one, when starting a new chapter in your life, during a particularly stressful time, or when adjusting to a new living situation or job. It is easy to just brush off those feelings and assume that “the sun […]

Therapy for Childhood Abuse and Trauma

Research shows that nearly 4 out of every 10 children experience some type of abuse or trauma. This is a terrible statistic, but perhaps you know first-hand just how terrible it is. If you experienced some type of childhood trauma, you might think that the impacts of that event (or those events) was limited to […]

How a psychologist helps in overcoming relationship problems

Every relationship has its issues, from disagreements to differences in opinion, that can lead to short-term or long-term problems. When these issues are persistent and don’t ever seem to get better, the associated stress can have negative impacts on your physical health, mental health, and even other relationships in your life. It is also worth […]

How can a psychologist help me with my career?

Whether you are just entering the job market after completing schooling or after an extended time away or you feel that it is time to make a switch in your career, you might find it beneficial to talk with a therapist to help you navigate the transition. There are likely a lot of emotions at […]

Child Abuse: Trauma and PTSD

Many children, adolescents, and adults were subjected to child abuse in some form during their formative years, which is heartbreaking. Child abuse is defined as “non-accidental trauma or physical injury caused by punching, kicking, beating, biting, burning or otherwise harming a child”. Some parents justify their violent behavior by saying that it is just discipline, […]

Depression Therapy

What are Depression and Anxiety?

Depression and anxiety are two quite common mental health issues, and while they are often referred to together, there are important distinctions between them. They can often be present together and sometimes depression can cause anxiety or anxiety can cause depression. Symptoms of depression include: Depressed mood Lack of interest in enjoyable activities Increase or […]

Could Trauma Counseling help me?

Perhaps you have been impacted by childhood trauma or you are currently struggling with life’s difficulties. You wonder if what you are feeling is normal or if you should be able to handle it on your own, but sometimes it all just feels like too much. It has been 20 years since your traumatic childhood […]