Anxiety counseling

Anxiety counseling: Does it work?

One of the issues surrounding the treatment of anxiety is that some of them are researched well. People try all types of ways to cure their anxiety issues – tools that most of the people claims are useful, but most often are nothing than the placebo effect.

Counseling is something different. Therapy and anxiety counseling Berkeley are some of the treatments that receive a lot of research and whose advantages are proven in the world of science.

Counseling is a natural cure for anxiety

Majority of the people look for non-medication methods because they know that medications for anxiety tend to come with side effects. But for some reason, people also forget that counseling doesn’t need any medication. It’s a natural treatment for anxiety which can be cured after talking to a psychologist Berkeley.

Counseling effect on anxiety

Counseling is an effective treatment for anxiety. However, there are various other factors that affect its success. Some of these factors include:

  • Type of therapy

All the counselings are not created equally. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one such therapy which has more support but others might also be effective and still the best choice for those who don’t like CBT. No therapy proves to be effective and each one of them depends on the individual. 

  • Commitment

Therapy is not magic and it needs commitment. Most of the people don’t take it seriously while others don’t believe it will work and leads to failure. Still, most of them put themselves in stressful situations and refuse for commitment to curing anxiety. 

  • Therapist

It is essential for the patient to connect with a therapist. If there’s no trust or connection, your therapy might be less likely to work. 

Bottom Line

Counseling needs commitment and it’s the best idea to work with the counselor for loneliness counseling Berkeley.

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Tips for how to deal with loneliness

Ever felt alone in the world? Every person does sometimes and it’s not at all easy. When you are going through this difficult phase and there’s no one with you, it’s difficult to know what to do. But the people who feel alone or isolated should know that there are some of the people who always care about you and even the loneliness counseling Berkeley helps where you would be able to speak what you feel.

Tips to deal with loneliness

Here are some of the methods that would help you in dealing with the loneliness, all of them which are helpful in their own ways.

Seek help from professionals

Meeting for the anxiety counseling Berkeley is one of the most helpful steps that one must consider if suffering from anxiety or loneliness. A therapist helps to know about the factors which are behind these feelings. Other issues that have surrounded your loneliness can be explored too.

Accept that loneliness is totally normal

Just knowing that various other people all over the world are going through the same feeling can tend to be helpful. At some point, about 50% of people are going to experience loneliness. There are possibilities of feeling lonely even if you have a happy family or a lot of friends. So, if you are looking for a cure, just accept that there are various other people who feel the same.

Find a hobby to do something

Boredom is the sign of loneliness. Take some time to explore the options of hobbies that you like and get out of the loneliness. Do your best to choose the fun hobbies that will keep you engaged in any type of social situations. 

Talking with the depression psychotherapist Berkeley will make you feel a lot better. They would be happy to assist you with your loneliness.

trauma counseling Berkeley

How therapy helps in recovering from childhood abuse and trauma?

If you had any experience of abuse or trauma during the early days of childhood, it is essential for you to think if you should seek child abuse psychotherapist Berkeley. But you might have no time to make the appointments. Various other worries are there that people think about when they consider working with the therapist. Then you start to wonder everyone around you seems happy, while you are full of worries. Well, you are not the only one and there are so many ways from which you would feel better.

Such impact come up with the question of how these people overcame from their entire childhood to achieve happiness and success. Some of them seek out the help from psychologist Berkeley so that they could listen their hard times peacefully and provide education and insights in the further process to heal.

The helping therapy

Misfortunes happened in early childhood days can make things difficult –love, self-confidence and also getting successful in life. A counselor can help to fully describe, identify and respect their life and appreciate their own skills of getting survived.

The high achievers described their skills as:

  • Support and patience
  • Empathy and sensitivity for others
  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • Leading a life with values

Growing with the good role models for professional and personal success necessitated becoming students who were serious of transforming their entire childhood in adult strengths. This helped them to remain on top where most of the other students were only average.

As an adult, you might feel much better today as you never used to be when you were the adolescent and child. However, it does need a commitment to personal development and can be beneficial with the help of trauma counseling Berkeley.

The major goal here is to know and release the painful emotions from childhood while focusing more on self-compassion and self-esteem to make a healthy life.


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How a psychologist helps in overcoming relationship problems

In any relationship, arguments and disagreements occur and it is quite normal to deal with differences in ideas, beliefs, and perspectives. But when it becomes chronic and stressful then it is a serious issue. It is linked to poorer mental and physical health and also affects your relationship with your family, friends, colleagues, work, etc. When children are exposed to high levels of conflict at home, they are at greater risk for anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, and poorer health. One should learn to have an effective and respectful way of communicating differences in building a healthy and fulfilling relationship which will benefit our overall wellbeing and also those around us. Relationship problems psychotherapist Berkeley will help you out in achieving this. 

The reasons for the relationship problem are a person’s family and upbringing will play a major role in future relationship. The person’s parents getting divorced or any level of abuse faced by them during their childhood will create relationship problems in their life. Sometimes life transitions and stress like getting married, having a baby, buying a new home, children leaving home and retirement could also strain a relationship. Sometimes people will be too stressed that they cannot forgive their partner that will increase their dissatisfaction. Other than these problems at the workplace, financial difficulties, difficulties with in-laws or extended family, etc. might also cause trauma and trauma counseling Berkeley help is very much needed for the person to come out of this problem.  Sudden death or divorce or separation or ill health of their partner might also cause loneliness which will result in trauma. Loneliness counseling Berkeley will help you in getting over it.

Normally, the treatment involved for relationship issues will be to change the view of relationship, express your emotion for each other, encourage caring and understanding, be playfulness, affectionate and have positive humor which will promote closeness in the relationship, help in achieving effective communication and helps you in focusing on the positive aspects of your relationship. By doing all these the psychologist or psychotherapist will help you in achieving a good relationship with your partner and will help you to lead a quality life. 

Career Counseling

What is the need of Psychologist in Career Counseling

The importance of Career Counseling Berkeley is otherwise known as career guidance is counseling which is designed to help with choosing, changing or leaving a career and is also available at a stage in life. For an adult career is a most important aspect and when you embark on a new career be it for the first time, second time or any number of times it is only stressful especially when you are faced with difficulties like a recession. For sure, the career counselor will help by discussing one’s potential career. Most of the people are not satisfied with their career which results in anxiety or depression. Hence, it becomes important that you find a fulfilling career so that your mental well-being is maintained well. When you choose a fitting or a new job and find it to be unsatisfying or frustrating, it is ideal to go for the services of a career counselor. 

A career counselor could also be a psychologist Berkeley who will provide you with advice at various stages of life like what you should study, leave your job altogether or help in exploring more ways to be happy with your current career. They will do a Psychometric Testing out of which they will get to know student’s behavior, emotional strength, interests and skills. This will help in deciding on the career that would be suitable for him or her. Some of the benefits of career counseling are:

  • Helps in taking up the right career
  • You will get expert advice and guidance in selecting the career that you will enjoy the most
  • It provides you with confidence and insight
  • Helps in removing the hurdles like procrastination, not up-to-date with the latest developments in their career path, neglecting emotional and mental health and not trying to self-motivate.
  • Any career related frustration will be removed
  • When they connect with experts they get role model as they share their experiences
  • Gives focus and stability in thought while making career-related decisions

Often, people are faced with both positive and negative life changes whenever a stressful event occurs like getting married, moving to a place you desire, buying a new home, starting a new career or retiring might make you feel low, anxious and upset. This is where you need the help of Life Transitions psychotherapist Berkeley who will help in understanding your reactions to major life transition and will also work towards alleviating your distress. When you see these problems through other’s eyes it will help in getting better in getting out of these problems. So, go for the psychologist Berkeley today!

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Child Abuse: Trauma and PTSD

Child abuse is defined as “non-accidental trauma or physical injury caused by punching, kicking, beating, biting, burning or otherwise harming a child”. It is very difficult to differentiate between physical discipline and child abuse. When the parents become abusive they traumatize the children.  Normally, the parents themselves are not aware when they become harmful to the child and also they do not know to control their tempers. Under these cases, it is ideal to take the help of child abuse psychotherapist Berkeley.

Once the child undergoes abuse from its parents and it has been reported, these cases are handled by social-control agencies apart from the police and criminal courts. Depending on the number of complaints and the severity of abuse, the child will be separated from their parents and made to grow up in the group homes or foster care situations. It is also possible that at these foster care centers also the child might undergo abuse. These foster care and group home will also help in easing the incidence of abuse for a child but it may lead to alienation as well as trauma. For treating these traumas, the child has to be put in the hands of trauma counseling Berkeley.

All those children who have suffered abuse, it could be quite complex to get to the root of the childhood trauma to alleviate any symptoms that might develop when they become adult. In some cases, child abuse might turn into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Mostly females only tend to develop PTSD rather than males. Some of the factors that determine the PTSD are:

  • Degree of perceived personal threat
  • The developmental state of the child i.e. younger children cannot understand and interpret the effects of the traumatic situation.
  • The relationship of the victim to the perpetrator
  • The level of support the victim has in his day-to-day life including from the caregiver
  • Guilt: A feeling of responsibility for the attack is thought to exacerbate the changes of PTSD
  • The innate ability to cope with the individual
  • An elevated heart rate post abuse increases the likelihood that the victim will suffer from PTSD

A PTSD counseling Berkeley will help to reduce the trauma and help the child to return to normal life at a longer period of time.

Depression Therapy

Take the advice of Psychologist Berkeley for Depression and Anxiety

The depression and anxiety are the two of the mental health problems that are found quite common among people. Though they are very commonly used in the conversation, people are not sure about the difference between the two conditions. The reason being the people having depression might develop an anxiety disorder and vice-versa. But an accurate diagnosis is needed to treat them. Mostly those affected by depression will also experience “anxious distress” apart from having a low mood. Those who have anxious distress will be restless, tense, trouble in concentrating, worry so much and will be afraid of something terrible is going to happen or might lose their control. People having anxious distress with depression has a higher risk of committing suicide and need intensive treatment. It is ideal for them to take the help of Psychologist Berkeley.

Let’s see here are the symptoms of Depression:

  • Depressed mood
  • Lack of interest in enjoyable activities
  • Increase or decrease in appetite
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Slowing of movement
  • Lack of energy
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors

When the symptoms persist for at least two weeks, it is ideal to consult the Depression Psychotherapist Berkeley.

Next, we will see the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder:

  • Excessive worry
  • Restlessness
  • Being easily fatigued
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Muscle tension

If these symptoms persist for more than six months, then undergo Anxiety counseling Berkeley.  They will also affect your day-to-day life. Other types of anxiety disorders are separation anxiety, panic disorder, or phobias. For both depression and anxiety disorder, some symptoms like sleep problems, fatigue, and trouble concentrating are common. Sometimes irritability will also appear in both the case when you have a low mood. There are also some distinguishing factors. As the people with depressions move slowly, their reactions are dulled, and they resigned to believe that things will be bad only. But people with an anxiety disorder are more keyed up and struggle to manage their thoughts. They will also continuously have fear about the future.

It is imperative to know that both depression and anxiety disorders are treatable conditions, and you need to consult the right psychologist Berkeley for the same.

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Why trauma counseling Berkeley so popular?

Have you been impacted by child abuse or facing challenging situations in life? This is a common situation and is a great concern with the changing concept of living. Now people have to deal with different challenging situations that slowly result in feeling like anger, unsafe and withdrawn from relationships. Child abuse psychotherapist Berkeley is the need of the time and is beneficial for children. Today child abuse and neglect is a common situation due to nuclear families and both parents working. Children often live alone or not treated well from the caretakers. Neglecting the needs, feelings and wants of the children are common that is making children isolated and live in stress.

In addition, life is full of challenges and critical activities that give a new meaning. It is common that people experience several events that are stressful and overwhelming. Such experiences easily shut down their feelings and are very harmful in the long term. Thus, look for trauma counseling Berkeley and you get an expert to support and assist when facing psychological problems. People remember things for a long time and each activity or event have a great impact on human behavior and feelings.

Thus, look for the psychologist Berkeley if you experience child abuse, neglect, trauma, relationship problems or any other emotional imbalance in life. An expert will help t analyze the root cause of the problem and will help to discuss the pros and cons. This will also help to easily overcome the situation by changing psychology or the way people consider stress and other problems in life. Trauma therapy has the capability of reinterring the world again and again. People get support from trainers who help to react less to unlikely events and activities. Thus, trauma counseling involves healing and contributes to healthy living once again.

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Why it is necessary to find the right Relationship problems psychotherapist Berkeley?

In this competitive world, every individual is working hard for long hours and have no time for self. This has developed a world of isolation and people prefer living alone or feel loneliness. This way of living has also damaged the relationships within the family and social life. With everything being disturbed, people now prefer taking help from Relationship problems psychotherapist Berkeley. Support from an experienced and knowledgeable person is required to overcome mental health problems, crumbling thoughts and emotional drainage. Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment that is provided as per the individual relationships, feeling and other factors.

No matter whether it is a Career Counseling Berkeley or taking help to overcome the stress of loneliness, expert definitely has a unique and effective role to play. For this, an individual should be ready to discuss such problems in deep and accept the treatment, suggestions and tips from an expert counsellor. All it is required is to accept the treatment and get the things right before it is too late. Psychotherapy is no shame; it is the best way to deal with the smallest problems and even serious mental health issues. This therapy definitely has a great impact on stress and strain on the relationship.

Loneliness is also prevailing among Americans. This is due to the modern lifestyle where they prefer to live alone and end up with different psychological issues, career issues or loneliness. For people who are facing any of such issues, Anxiety counseling Berkeley is the right service provided by the experts to help people live a normal life once again. We know that relationship problems have an adverse effect on the family members, career and on self. There are different therapies available from experts that help people to get out of such problems in personal life or in a career.