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Child Abuse: Trauma and PTSD

Child abuse is defined as “non-accidental trauma or physical injury caused by punching, kicking, beating, biting, burning or otherwise harming a child”. It is very difficult to differentiate between physical discipline and child abuse. When the parents become abusive they traumatize the children.  Normally, the parents themselves are not aware when they become harmful to the child and also they do not know to control their tempers. Under these cases, it is ideal to take the help of child abuse psychotherapist Berkeley.

Once the child undergoes abuse from its parents and it has been reported, these cases are handled by social-control agencies apart from the police and criminal courts. Depending on the number of complaints and the severity of abuse, the child will be separated from their parents and made to grow up in the group homes or foster care situations. It is also possible that at these foster care centers also the child might undergo abuse. These foster care and group home will also help in easing the incidence of abuse for a child but it may lead to alienation as well as trauma. For treating these traumas, the child has to be put in the hands of trauma counseling Berkeley.

All those children who have suffered abuse, it could be quite complex to get to the root of the childhood trauma to alleviate any symptoms that might develop when they become adult. In some cases, child abuse might turn into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Mostly females only tend to develop PTSD rather than males. Some of the factors that determine the PTSD are:

  • Degree of perceived personal threat
  • The developmental state of the child i.e. younger children cannot understand and interpret the effects of the traumatic situation.
  • The relationship of the victim to the perpetrator
  • The level of support the victim has in his day-to-day life including from the caregiver
  • Guilt: A feeling of responsibility for the attack is thought to exacerbate the changes of PTSD
  • The innate ability to cope with the individual
  • An elevated heart rate post abuse increases the likelihood that the victim will suffer from PTSD

A PTSD counseling Berkeley will help to reduce the trauma and help the child to return to normal life at a longer period of time.