Anxiety Therapy In Berkeley

We all have to have some anxiety or fear to navigate the world effectively.

But when you find anxiety inhibiting you from achieving your life’s goals, disrupting your sleep, making you worry seemingly all the time, interfering with your ability to concentrate and your connections, or ruining your ability to enjoy yourself, it’s time to share your concerns with an expert.

Sometimes it is not clear what is making us scared or unsure.

We feel shaky, inhibited, worried, and unable to stop the uncomfortable feelings and repetitive thoughts.

Once we truly understand the truth of what is driving this misery, we can begin the process of gaining greater insight and learn how to deal more effectively with our discomfort.

Learning mindfulness strategies brings us greater awareness, as does self-regulation that occurs when we process our experiences in a safe, compassionate, and warm therapeutic environment.

Call today and make an appointment. I can help.