Depression Psychotherapist Berkeley

Having trouble getting motivated or interested in things?  Prone to only seeing the negative … the glass feels half empty?  Do you find yourself tearing up or sad at the drop of a hat or a good deal of the time?  Are you so low that you have contemplated taking your own life?  Can you not seem to get over the loss of a loved one?

We all get blue on occasion, especially if there is a loss, illness,  or great disappointment.  Problems occur when these feelings are seeming too intense to bear, or they do not pass in a timely manner.  Or perhaps you just feel low but are not even fully convinced or aware of the cause.

When we cannot get relief alone, it is time to talk to someone with experience and knowledge of this misery.  Our work will be to give you a place to openly express your feelings and experiences and look at one’s life sincerely to see what is underlying this distress.  Sharing our experiences and their origins give us a roadmap toward change and emancipation.  Come sit with me while we engage in this journey together.

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