Are you aware that significant positive or negative life changes appear at the top of the Stressful Life Events Scale?  Are you surprised that getting married, buying a new home, moving to a place you desire, having one’s own family, starting a new career or even retiring is actually making you feel low, anxious, fearful and upset?

Maybe it’s getting that job or promotion you’ve been after?  Yet again negative events such as loss, divorce (desired or not), and severe or debilitating illness or injury can be exacerbating your distress.  There is real help to cope with these life transitions.


If you are needing help understanding your reactions to life’s major transitions we can work together to alleviate your distress.  These feelings are typically indicative of a deeper problem.  The meaning of these events to you can be hidden until looked at with another set of eyes, ears and acquired knowledge.  In addition, mindfulness and other stress reduction strategies can help us re-center ourselves and get relief.

Particularly if such events are typically joyous occasions,  it would be worth getting the benefit of such counsel.  Please don’t hesitate to call.

Please feel free to contact me.