Do you find yourself struggling to make good, solid, satisfying relationships?  Perhaps you are having trouble finding a suitable partner, or you may be unhappy with your significant other.  Perhaps you are not seeming to get along well with authority or others at work.  Or maybe friendships seem difficult to come by or sustain.

We all need healthy connections to feel good about being on the earth and feel good about ourselves.  It is probably one of the most important achievements of our lifetime.  If these are not working, likely we are in distress.


We learn about healthy relationships as we attach successfully to our parents, see them model good connections, and encourage us to find gratifying relations outside the family.  Perhaps you were less fortunate in this regard.

Fortunately, we can rework our way of being with others.  We learn from our newly acquired connection to the therapist and how that plays out.  We get to see what works and what does not both with our selves and with the behaviors of others.

We also get a chance to rework our patterns of relating under the guidance of a supportive, knowledgeable other.  We also get a chance to understand and experience what may have gone awry in our developing years and grow and change.

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