Child Abuse Psychotherapist Berkeley

One of the worst things a parent can endure is seeing their own child (or someone else’s child) abused, whether physically, emotionally, or sexually. As rare as we want to believe this phenomenon is, studies show that as many as one in four girls, and one in eight boys, is victim to some form of child abuse. Doctors and teachers are mandatory reporters, and must report any instance of suspected child abuse, but this doesn’t always get anywhere. Children, too, are hesitant to speak out for fear of ridicule or shame. In many cases, the abuse comes from someone in the child’s family, and the child has natural instincts to protect them. If the abuse can be stopped in childhood, then they’re better for it. But often times, child abuse goes unreported and the children grow up with their childhood abuse. The scars from childhood abuse are extremely long-lasting and require delicate care in treatment.

In adulthood, survivors of child abuse are much more likely to suffer in their regular life. Mood disorders, anxiety and depression, alcoholism, and even thoughts of suicide are all examples of some of the ways abuse can weigh on the life of the adult. They may also suffer from PTSD and personality disorders. The good thing is that even in adulthood, relief from the trauma of childhood abuse is available. Survivors need to talk to someone who understands what it feels like to not be able to trust anyone, what it feels like to not feel like you have any control over your life, or what it feels like to feel dissociated or depressed because of abuse endured as a child. There are psychotherapy options available to help you process your trauma, talk through the triggers and effects of abuse (even old abuse), and develop plans to help you move forward into a bigger and brighter parts of your life.

Dr. Lynn Winsten in the Berkeley area is the prime candidate for conducting your child abuse psychotherapist Berkeley. She specializes in trauma, so she’s more qualified than anyone to help you talk through the situations and events from your past that are still exerting some control over your outlook today. She has dedicated her career to helping people to piece together their own stories so that they may have peace, rest, and fulfilment. But the process takes time. You need a therapist you can trust to keep you in a safe space and help you to process the worst of it so you can begin to truly find peace.

It’s never easy to reach out for help when you already feel as though you don’t have access to help, or a group of friends or family to fall back on. It’s hard to acknowledge that maybe you need help processing it. And with child abuse, and abuse experienced in your childhood, this can mean processing new information about people you love, people you don’t necessarily want to put in a bad light. At times it can be hard to believe that what has happened is true. But what else is true is that many of us all have dealt with things like this, and there is help available. You’re not alone. Your story is worth being told, and your life is worth living. You deserve to feel better and embrace the truth that you can develop the skills to overcome the abuse that so unfairly was leveraged against you. With the help of Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley, you can rid yourself of these demons and begin the steps necessary to truly change your life for the better.

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Help for Depression

Depression is so common that it likely affects at least one person you know.  Some people are fortunate enough to be diagnosed with depression, but many others suffer without a diagnosis, wondering why they feel the way they do.  Depressive episodes can be short-term and feel easily overcome at their best, or like life isn’t worth living anymore at their worst. The feeling may only come on as sadness or listlessness, but it may also manifest in ways that may not seem related to your mood, like changes in appetite or problems concentrating.

What depression is not, is something you just “get over.”  Depression needs the attention of professionals like any other serious medical condition.

You might feel like you’re making a big deal out of it, or that it’s really only a phase that will pass.  Your friends and family may be treating you as though you don’t really have a problem, or something that needs treating.  But the worst thing you can do to depression is leave it alone. The integrity of your brain–and your life–is worth seeking help! 

If it seems as though you cannot shake the feelings of anxiousness, guilt, loss of interest, general apathy, or even thoughts of suicide, it’s time to reach out.  There are professionals trained to help you enter into recovery.

Depression can manifest in different forms and from different triggers, further confirming that professional help is most appropriate.  Some people experience few symptoms while others experience many, making every individual’s time with depression completely different. The right therapist can help you work through your story to determine your cause and course of treatment.

There are many different kinds of treatment, from regular sunshine and exercise, to more alternative methods like acupuncture and meditation. Despite this, there is no one right way to treat depression.  The best course of action is to seek the advice of a trusted professional, like Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley, who can analyze the whole of your condition and make suggestions toward speedy recovery.

The best therapist for someone suffering from depression is one who understands what it “feels” like to be told that sadness is normal and not that serious, what it “feels” like to be treated as though you’re crazy for not being able to “handle” your emotions and moods, what it “feels” like to feel out of control all the time, and like none of it matters.  We need someone who can truly empathize with the depressed mind, to help understand the severity of the disease and inform the best method for treatment.

If you are in the Berkeley area, Dr. Lynn Winsten is the perfect help.  She can assist you in identifying your triggers and whether or not medication is the right option for you.  She has spent her career helping people to find rest from the horrors of depression so that they may live longer, more fulfilled lives.

It’s always hard to have the strength to ask for help, but ignoring the symptoms will only make the depression worse.  Many people suffer in this way, more than one may expect, but there is real help available, and depression is easily treatable.  You are not alone. Your story is worth being told, and your life is worth living. You deserve to feel better and embrace the truth. You can develop the skills to overcome this misery.  With the help of Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley, you can truly change your life and overcome the demon of depression.

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Loneliness Counseling Berkeley – Help for Loneliness

Loneliness may not always be obvious. Many people protect themselves from this painful feeling by keeping busy or finding themselves needing to check the next device. Others find themselves going from partner to partner without a break —pulled to seek out another relationship as fast as possible as soon as one ends. The feeling may just be a “need” to always be on the go; on to the next thing one “must-do”; or “shoulds” and “have tos” feel unbearably compelling.

But we are social beings. We need to connect deeply with others. Running frantically from thing to thing or person to person is a way to ensure that this will not happen.

On the other hand, you may feel your loneliness. You may feel like you don’t belong, or don’t feel connected to others .. maybe you’re feeling isolated, like an outcast, or just plain unwanted. You may find yourself believing your friends don’t really care about you, or like you can’t seem to find people who will connect with you, or like you have no one to call on in a time of need.

But loneliness is a feeling … yes, you may feel poorly but amazingly, you are not alone. We all have these feelings at times, and when it’s chronic and you can’t seem to shake it or can’t stop running yourself into the ground, it’s time to get some professional help.

Loneliness can make people also feel anxious, or depressed, or keep one up at night. It can even affect one’s health and immune system. These feelings can make one retreat into oneself making the problem even worse. People can convince themselves that they don’t have a safety net or people to lean on, or they even stop trying to get help… but these are the folks who need it the most.

Loneliness also feeds on negative information .. such as one gets from having a bad experience or after one is criticized. The lonely person can use these experiences as evidence that there is really something wrong with them. Some people may even seek out negative experiences or rejection to affirm their erroneous beliefs.

What lonely people really need is a person to help keep their thoughts, reactions, and feelings clear.

By identifying negative thoughts as they occur, one can learn to get control over them — see what is going on and what is not true. Mindfulness practice can facilitate such awareness.

The best therapist for someone in such distress is one who understands what it “feels” like to have no one, what it “feels” like to be isolated and without help. We need someone who can truly empathize with the plight of one who feels lost at sea, set adrift alone, untethered, and help the lonely soul to navigate back to the security of the truth …. Loneliness is not a condition but a state of mind.

If you are in the Berkeley area, Dr. Lynn Winsten is a great resource for such work. She can help you uncover the root of your lonely feelings and find a way out of this misery. She has dedicated herself to helping people piece together their own life stories so they may find peace, rest, and fulfillment. This is not a quick fix but with a therapist you can trust and connect with, you will slowly gain relief.

It’s never easy to reach out for help and admit to vulnerability, but isolating oneself will just make the feelings intensify. Many folks suffer in this way, more than one may expect, but there is real help available. You are not alone. Your story is worth being told, and your life is worth living. You deserve to feel better and embrace the truth .. you can develop the skills to overcome this misery. With the help of Dr. Lynn Winsten in psychologist Berkeley, you can truly change your life and how you experience yourself.

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Therapy For Childhood Abuse, Trauma, and Neglect

When we are low in self-esteem, have trouble believing in ourselves; have problems knowing who we are and finding things in life that will bring us gratification; find we have serious problems in relating to others and maybe avoiding connections, or are trying too hard to please and are even putting up with people who cannot see us, or hear us for  , or are even finding ourselves putting up with verbal, emotional, or physical abuse; or maybe when we do have emotion it is clearly too intense for the situation, or perhaps we cannot seem to access or share our feelings and emotions; or when we find our thoughts are fearful, negative, or self-attacking — we are probably people who were mistreated as children.

Thus, the way we are treated when young and just developing not only makes us miserable as children but seriously impacts: our self-regard or sense of self; our relationships with others; our ability to succeed in work, and generally in our ability to lead a content and satisfactory life as adults.

It may be easier to push these feelings and experiences to the side, telling ourselves these events are from too long ago or “we should be over it already”, or we make our “to do” lists so long that there is no room for our feelings and experiences to ever truly surface, or to use all kinds of addictive behaviors to soothe our weary souls. Most people with serious childhood neglect and abuse try to keep these experiences out of awareness, but these strategies will only make them stronger over time.

The truth is that prioritizing our self, the way we are in the world, how we experience ourselves and others — that is, taking ourselves and our mental health seriously, are critical to obtaining awareness, understanding, and relief.

Therapy of this type needs to be done slowly, with care and compassion. We need a therapist who is well trained in working with more serious and deep-rooted problems — who is used to hearing the misery and horror that early trauma can bring, and guide us thoughtfully and empathically into a clear understanding of what went

If you are in the Berkeley area, Dr. Lynn Winsten is a great resource for such intense and yet relieving work. She specializes in childhood abuse, trauma, and neglect. She is someone devoted to helping us access the origins of our grief and facilitate the healing process. Slowly it will become clear why we have the problems we suffer from.
There is no quick fix here.

It can feel intimidating to reach out for help when trauma has us in its grip. It’s hard to feel safe and trust. But it is important to recognize that the majority of people seeking counseling or psychotherapy have experienced some type of childhood mistreatment, misattunement, and neglect. We all need genuine loving attachments. It is important to know we are not alone, we are not being judged for our experiences and who we have become, and that our life is valuable and we are worthy and capable of recovery. This is the work that can truly change our lives.


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Therapy For Loneliness

We all feel alone or lonely at times … sometimes we are too isolated or have been
rejected and temporarily lose our bearings.

But loneliness that is persistent and making us feel poorly tells us something is not working in our lives… maybe we can’t seem to make good friends or find a fulfilling and genuine love… something deep is holding us back from attaching and connecting to others.

This more persistent aloneness typically derives from a more serious cause. As we come to connect with a caring and experienced therapist like Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley, we are likely to start to feel and remember times in our lives when the loneliness began.

Knowing its source in a supportive relationship allows us to now see our distress clearly and make new and better choices for ourselves. A healthful connection is a key to dealing with loneliness.

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Therapy for Childhood Abuse, Trauma, and PTSD

It is unfortunate, but probably the majority of people in our society have experienced some type of trauma in their early lives.  It may show up in a variety of ways in not finding satisfactory work or relationships; in finding oneself addicted and feeling out of control; or in powerful emotions or images that seem to overwhelm and not make sense with what causes them to arise (flashbacks); or in finding oneself with a hurtful other.

Talking with a therapist trained to help people with injuries from childhood like Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley will ultimately lead to self-awareness and relief.  It’s not magic that heals or quick fixes either, it is exploring the roots of the distressing feelings that makes the difference for real.

It can be easier to push these feelings and experiences to the side as the events were from so long ago, and as the pressing demands of our current lives intensify and our “to do” lists grow longer.  The truth is that prioritizing yourself and your mental health is critical to obtaining relief.

If you are in the Berkeley area, Dr. Lynn Winsten is a great resource for such therapy.  She specializes in childhood and adult abuse and trauma and is someone who is devoted to helping you understand the origins of your grief, and facilitate the healing process.

It can feel intimidating to reach out for help when trauma has you in its grip, but it is important to know that most people seeking counseling or psychotherapy have experienced childhood abuse or trauma.  You need to know that you are not alone or being judged for your experiences and symptoms.

Your life is valuable and you are worthy of recovery. PTSD counseling Berkeley and Depression psychotherapist Berkeley

Therapy for Problem with Relationships

Healthy relationships are probably the most important factor that leads to a fulfilling life.  When we can feel loved and lovable and care deeply for others, our lives have more depth and meaning.

Many people suffer greatly by maintaining unhealthy connections that only bring distress and keep them from their best selves, or by avoiding connection altogether.  These persistent problems not only impact our mental health but affect our physical health as well. When your relationships are suffering or are nonexistent, it is best to reach out to a relational psychologist for help.  Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley is trained to work in this way.

Through understanding your current patterns of relating, your therapist can help you see where things may have gone awry in your development.  That is where we learn to relate and how we will come to relate in our adult lives. Exploring these issues in a safe environment can heal your wounds, help you to connect healthfully, and thus help your life to become fulfilled.


How can a psychologist help me with my career?

Whether you are just entering the job market or feel you would like to make a change in your career, you might find it beneficial to talk with a therapist to help you to navigate the transition.  You may be feeling confused or overwhelmed when you think of your next move and it may feel like there is more going on for you than friendly advice from your relations can provide. This is a great time to seek the help of an impartial source, a therapist who can help you think things through objectively and with clarity.

Finding the right job that truly suits you or choosing a career that is gratifying may be stressing you out.  Maybe there are things standing in your way that you did not imagine but an experienced therapist may help to locate these obstacles so you can work more directly with them and come to a resolution.

Sometimes people get caught in trying to please or impress others and have lost sight of what is truly each individual’s passion.  A therapist can help you see the forest for the trees .. hone in on your wishes, desires, strengths, as well as your fears and negativity.

It may just be worth your time to seek out help such as that of Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley to go for what you were really meant to do or become.