It is unfortunate, but probably the majority of people in our society have experienced some type of trauma in their early lives.  It may show up in a variety of ways in not finding satisfactory work or relationships; in finding oneself addicted and feeling out of control; or in powerful emotions or images that seem to overwhelm and not make sense with what causes them to arise (flashbacks); or in finding oneself with a hurtful other.

Talking with a therapist trained to help people with injuries from childhood like Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley will ultimately lead to self-awareness and relief.  It’s not magic that heals or quick fixes either, it is exploring the roots of the distressing feelings that makes the difference for real.

It can be easier to push these feelings and experiences to the side as the events were from so long ago, and as the pressing demands of our current lives intensify and our “to do” lists grow longer.  The truth is that prioritizing yourself and your mental health is critical to obtaining relief.

If you are in the Berkeley area, Dr. Lynn Winsten is a great resource for such therapy.  She specializes in childhood and adult abuse and trauma and is someone who is devoted to helping you understand the origins of your grief, and facilitate the healing process.

It can feel intimidating to reach out for help when trauma has you in its grip, but it is important to know that most people seeking counseling or psychotherapy have experienced childhood abuse or trauma.  You need to know that you are not alone or being judged for your experiences and symptoms.

Your life is valuable and you are worthy of recovery. PTSD counseling Berkeley and Depression psychotherapist Berkeley