Career Counseling

What is the need of Psychologist in Career Counseling

The importance of Career Counseling Berkeley is otherwise known as career guidance is counseling which is designed to help with choosing, changing or leaving a career and is also available at a stage in life. For an adult career is a most important aspect and when you embark on a new career be it for the first time, second time or any number of times it is only stressful especially when you are faced with difficulties like a recession. For sure, the career counselor will help by discussing one’s potential career. Most of the people are not satisfied with their career which results in anxiety or depression. Hence, it becomes important that you find a fulfilling career so that your mental well-being is maintained well. When you choose a fitting or a new job and find it to be unsatisfying or frustrating, it is ideal to go for the services of a career counselor. 

A career counselor could also be a psychologist Berkeley who will provide you with advice at various stages of life like what you should study, leave your job altogether or help in exploring more ways to be happy with your current career. They will do a Psychometric Testing out of which they will get to know student’s behavior, emotional strength, interests and skills. This will help in deciding on the career that would be suitable for him or her. Some of the benefits of career counseling are:

  • Helps in taking up the right career
  • You will get expert advice and guidance in selecting the career that you will enjoy the most
  • It provides you with confidence and insight
  • Helps in removing the hurdles like procrastination, not up-to-date with the latest developments in their career path, neglecting emotional and mental health and not trying to self-motivate.
  • Any career related frustration will be removed
  • When they connect with experts they get role model as they share their experiences
  • Gives focus and stability in thought while making career-related decisions

Often, people are faced with both positive and negative life changes whenever a stressful event occurs like getting married, moving to a place you desire, buying a new home, starting a new career or retiring might make you feel low, anxious and upset. This is where you need the help of Life Transitions psychotherapist Berkeley who will help in understanding your reactions to major life transition and will also work towards alleviating your distress. When you see these problems through other’s eyes it will help in getting better in getting out of these problems. So, go for the psychologist Berkeley today!