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I provide anxiety therapy for The Greater Bay Area. If you feel like you are suffering from anxiety issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help.

We all have to have some anxiety or fear to navigate the world effectively. But when you find anxiety inhibiting you from achieving your life’s goals, disrupting your sleep, making you worry seemingly all the time, interfering with your ability to concentrate and your connections, or ruining your ability to enjoy yourself, it’s time to share your concerns with an expert.

Sometimes it is not clear what is making us scared or unsure.

We feel shaky, inhibited, worried, and unable to stop the uncomfortable feelings and repetitive thoughts.

Once we truly understand the truth of what is driving this misery, we can begin the process of gaining greater insight and learn how to deal more effectively with our discomfort.

Learning mindfulness strategies brings us greater awareness, as does self-regulation that occurs when we process our experiences in a safe, compassionate, and warm therapeutic environment.

Call today and make an appointment. I can help.

Anxiety Psychologist In Berkeley California

Anxiety is a feeling that almost everyone feels at some point in their life. There are certain times where we feel more anxiety than other times, depending on what is going on in our lives. If you are suffering from anxiety and want to improve your mental health and overcome anxiety, then the best thing that you can do is work with an anxiety therapist or psychologist that specializes in helping people in your exact situation overcome their anxiety and start to handle stress and fear in a healthier way.

What Is Anxiety?

sad woman drinking teaBefore you can deal with anxiety and overcome it, you’ll need to know exactly what anxiety is and why people deal with anxiety on a daily basis. Anxiety refers to the feeling that we get when there is an incoming fear, event, or another stressful factor in life. When we know that something negative is coming, or we fear its existence, we experience anxiety. However, for some people, this is only an occasional feeling that doesn’t interfere much with day-to-day tasks. For others, it is a crippling, constant feeling that makes it hard to accomplish anything. However, with an anxiety counselor with the right experience and insight, it is possible to overcome anxiety and start living your life free from the crippling properties of anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety
If you think that you have anxiety that requires treatment to overcome, then there are some symptoms that you should be watching for as a sign. Here are some of the strongest symptoms of anxiety:

  • Increased feelings of panic and fear
  • Obsessive thinking over various issues
  • Flashbacks of traumatic events
  • Irregular behavior centered around rituals
  • Chest and heart pain
  • Excessive sweating and numb feelings
  • Desire to be moving around and can’t sit still
  • Dry mouth sensation
  • Feelings of nausea
  • Increased fatigue and low energy
  • Increased irritability
  • Trouble sleeping or falling asleep

It’s important to note that you might not feel all of these symptoms at once or all of them ever. Any combination of one or all of these symptoms could mean that you are suffering from anxiety. If you are experiencing severe symptoms, you may want to seek the attention of a medical care professional.

Not Every Case is the Same

If you are dealing with symptoms related to anxiety, it’s very important that you know that not everyone that goes through anxiety has the same symptoms or deals with the same things. Everyone’s experience going through anxiety could be different, so try not to compare yourself to other cases. You are dealing with your own unique situation with your own symptoms.

Therapy You Can Trust

When going through something like anxiety, it’s important that you take the step of seeking out a professional psychologist or therapist to help you overcome your anxiety. Even if you are never able to completely cure your anxiety, you can learn how to manage it and get through everyday tasks and activities without having anxiety hinder you. I can be the therapy professional that you trust to help you cope with anxiety.

Dr. Lynn Winsten, Anxiety Psychologist Berkeley and The Greater Bay Area