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One of the worst things a parent can endure is seeing their own child (or someone else’s child) abused, whether physically, emotionally, or sexually.

As rare as we want to believe this phenomenon is, studies show that as many as one in four girls, and one in eight boys, is victim to some form of child abuse.

Doctors and teachers are mandatory reporters and must report any instance of suspected child abuse, but this doesn’t always get anywhere.

Children, too, are hesitant to speak out for fear of ridicule or shame. In many cases, the abuse comes from someone in the child’s family, and the child has natural instincts to protect them.

If the abuse can be stopped in childhood, then they’re better for it. But oftentimes, child abuse goes unreported and the children grow up with their childhood abuse.

The scars from childhood abuse are extremely long-lasting and require delicate care in treatment.

In adulthood, survivors of child abuse are much more likely to suffer in their regular life. Mood disorders, anxiety and depression, alcoholism, and even thoughts of suicide are all examples of some of the ways abuse can weigh on the life of the adult.

They may also suffer from PTSD and personality disorders. The good thing is that even in adulthood, relief from the trauma of childhood abuse is available.

Survivors need to talk to someone who understands what it feels like to not be able to trust anyone, what it feels like to not feel like you have any control over your life, or what it feels like to feel dissociated or depressed because of abuse endured as a child.

There are psychotherapy options available to help you process your trauma, talk through the triggers and effects of abuse (even old abuse), and develop plans to help you move forward into bigger and brighter parts of your life.

Dr. Lynn Winsten in the Berkeley area is the prime candidate for conducting your child abuse psychotherapist Berkeley.

She specializes in trauma, so she’s more qualified than anyone to help you talk through the situations and events from your past that are still exerting some control over your outlook today.

She has dedicated her career to helping people to piece together their own stories so that they may have peace, rest, and fulfillment. But the process takes time.

You need a therapist you can trust to keep you in a safe space and help you to process the worst of it so you can begin to truly find peace.

It’s never easy to reach out for help when you already feel as though you don’t have access to help, or a group of friends or family to fall back on.

It’s hard to acknowledge that maybe you need help processing it. And with child abuse and abuse experienced in your childhood, this can mean processing new information about people you love, people you don’t necessarily want to put in a bad light.

At times it can be hard to believe that what has happened is true. But what else is true is that many of us all have dealt with things like this, and there is help available. You’re not alone.

Your story is worth being told, and your life is worth living. You deserve to feel better and embrace the truth that you can develop the skills to overcome the abuse that so unfairly was leveraged against you.

With the help of Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley, you can rid yourself of these demons and begin the steps necessary to truly change your life for the better.

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