I Specialize In Child Abuse Psychology And Therapy In The Greater Berkeley Area

Do you suspect or know that you were not happy and struggling as a child?  Perhaps you were singled out, ostracized, criticized, or picked on. Having a child abuse therapist can help you during these difficult times.

Or did you know that your parents/caretakers were unavailable to you – neglecting your needs, wants and feelings?

Perhaps they were ill physically and/or psychologically, preoccupied or struggling themselves.

Maybe they were prone to acting out on you, such as: raging, hitting, beating, or violating you sexually.

In all these ways parents can cause problems that haunt us throughout our lives —  we are mammals with huge brains and we do remember.

The good news is when we get to sit with a caring, concerned, and knowledgeable person in therapy we get to have new experiences of ourselves and others.

In a warm, compassionate, safe environment we can experience and understand what truly caused early caretakers to respond to us as they did, and get out of the maddening experiences that are a consequence of such mistreatment.

Bad things that happen to people, especially in our formative years, do not just disappear even if we leave the scene.  They need to be faced and renegotiated or they will reappear in some form in later life.

Many years of training and treating such problems have kept me successful in helping others so afflicted.  Perhaps I can help you from problems that come from your early childhood.

Reach out for help today.