depressed man walking down train tracks

Psychotherapy is usually the first form of treatment which is suggested to treat depression. At the time of this treatment, a person suffering from it talks to a trained and licensed depression psychotherapist Berkeley who helps an individual to identify and work towards the factors that might be triggering the depression.

Most of the times these factors get combined with chemical and heredity imbalances in the mind to trigger depression. Taking care of the psychosocial and psychological aspects of depression is just as imperative as treating the medical cause. 

How does psychotherapy help to treat depression?

Psychotherapy is useful for people suffering from depression and helps to:

  • Understand and identify the events or life issues such as a death in the family, medical problems, divorce or a job loss that leads to depression and help them to make them understand which aspects they can improve or solve.
  • Understand the emotions, behaviors, and strategies that contribute to the depressed state of a person.
  • Learn techniques with the help of trauma counseling Berkeley to cope up along with the skills to solve problems.
  • Regain pleasure and control in life.

What are the different therapy types?

Therapy is given in different formats, which include:

  • Individual: It only comprises of the patient and the professional.
  • Group: Two or more patients can participate at the same time. Patients can talk to each other and share their experiences.
  • Couples: It helps the partners to understand why their loved one is suffering from depression and what can be done to cope up with it.

Try to get the most from your therapy. Make sure to visit on every appointment. Practice exercises that your life transitions psychotherapists Berkeley gives you. Treatment is helpful and without it, you might suffer from worse.