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You may be wondering if you need a life therapist? If you are here reading this page, then chances are a life therapist or counselor can help you.

Are you aware that significant positive or negative life changes appear at the top of the Stressful Life Events Scale?  Are you surprised that getting married, buying a new home, moving to a place you desire, having one’s own family, starting a new career or even retiring is actually making you feel low, anxious, fearful and upset?

Maybe it’s getting that job or promotion you’ve been after?  Yet again negative events such as loss, divorce (desired or not), and severe or debilitating illness or injury can be exacerbating your distress.

If you are needing help understanding your reactions to life’s major transitions we can work together to alleviate your distress.  These feelings are typically indicative of a deeper problem.  The meaning of these events to you can be hidden until looked at with another set of eyes, ears and acquired knowledge.  In addition, mindfulness and other stress reduction strategies can help us re-center ourselves and get relief.

Particularly if such events are typically joyous occasions,  it would be worth getting the benefit of such counsel.  Please don’t hesitate to call.

If you are looking for a therapist in Berkeley, don’t look any further and reach out to me today.

woman peering out windowBerkeley Life Therapist

Did you know that significant life changes – whether positive or negative – are at the top of the Stressful Life Events Scale? Positive life transitions such as marriage, pregnancy, embarking on homeownership, a dream job, and even retirement can all cause feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and confusion. These same feelings and emotions are felt when undergoing unpleasant life changes such as divorce, illness, or loss of a loved one. How can that be?

It’s been my experience that human beings have trouble accepting change, even if that change is welcomed. As we live our lives we get comfortable with our routines, patterns – our “normal” – and when something comes along and upends that, we can experience a wide range of emotions. However, on the other side of these uncomfortable feelings is the opportunity to change turmoil into a renewed sense of self, stability and inner balance.

My role is to help you understand your reactions to life’s major transitions with the goal of alleviating your distress and embracing your new life, no matter what that may be. Underneath your feelings are deeper issues that are preventing you from living in the moment and coming to terms with your new normal. These issues will usually go overlooked or ignored until the help of an unbiased professional is sought to help unearth them. In my practice, I will help you adopt mindfulness and stress reduction strategies to ground you in the present moment and accept the life that stands before you. Together we will walk through the stages of life transitions which are the following:

  • Negative feelings: These feelings can run the gamut from anger to anxiety and everything in between.
  • Loss of self-confidence and sense of self: This is tied to the loss of your previous identity which is often associated with the circumstances prior to your current life change.
  • Acceptance: This means coming to terms with your present life whether that’s life as a widow, retiree, divorcee, new parent or any other significant change.
  • Acknowledging the need to move on: This is a significant step in saying goodbye to your past life and hello to your present and future.
  • Hope for the future: Change in mindset doesn’t happen overnight, but at this stage you will feel more optimistic about your new life.
  • Improved sense of self: That low self-esteem that you felt is starting to improve and you will begin feeling more like yourself.

These steps are not linear and often times people can sway between stages on a daily basis. However, together we can help you get on the path to acceptance and happiness, no matter what life transition you’re experiencing.

If you’re ready to get started, schedule your appointment today.