Depression And Loneliness

If you are seeking professional help for loneliness or depression in Berkeley, I am a trained therapist that is available to listen and guide you.

Are you finding you feel alone or lonely even though you seem to have caring others around?  Maybe you find your life is really full of connection, but a profound sense of aloneness haunts you.  Or perhaps you find that you are too alone in this life and are longing for a partner or friends but seem unable to meet your needs in this regard?

Experiences of loneliness are painful … so don’t suffer alone.  Take the next step (perhaps a truly difficult one)  and reach out to someone who has compassion and warmth for you,  as well as lots of experience with these intense feelings,  who can truly help you with your concerns.

When we feel alone or lonely, whether real or just felt, it can be difficult to connect or even take the first step to reach out to me (another).   If you can allow yourself to sit and share your experience, you are on the way to greater connection.  Just the feeling of a genuinely caring other can awaken experiences toward greater understanding.

Past attachment patterns, experiences with significant others as we mature, can set the stage for beliefs and feelings that interfere with deep, secure and fulfilling inter-relatedness.  Nevertheless, we can rework these patterns that reside often deep inside, and derive greater satisfaction in our connections.  Not ignoring these feeling is a key to success.

Please feel free to contact me so we may embark on this journey together.