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My name is Lynn Winsten and I am a Psychotherapist serving The Greater Bay Area. If you are having trouble getting motivated or have lost interest in things, you may need to seek professional help. If you answer “yes” to any of the issues listed below please contact me. Don’t take a backseat to your mental health.

Do you find yourself tearing up or sad at the drop of a hat or a good deal of the time?  Are you so low that you have contemplated taking your own life?  Can you not seem to get over the loss of a loved one?

We all get blue on occasion, especially if there is a loss, illness,  or great disappointment.  Problems occur when these feelings are seeming too intense to bear, or they do not pass in a timely manner.  Or perhaps you just feel low but are not even fully convinced or aware of the cause.

When we cannot get relief alone, it is time to talk to someone with experience and knowledge of this misery.  Our work will be to give you a place to openly express your feelings and experiences and look at one’s life sincerely to see what is underlying this distress.  Sharing our experiences and their origins give us a roadmap toward change and emancipation.  Come sit with me while we engage in this journey together.

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Depression & Grief Therapy

Depression & grief are issues that millions of people face on a daily basis. I offer depression & grief counseling to help you get to the core root of your feelings and address them in a healthy way. Our depression & grief counseling is inclusive, welcoming, discreet, and healthy. If you are dealing with a form of depression or grief, then you should make an appointment with my office.

Signs of Depression
If you think you may be depressed, the first step is confirming that you are having the symptoms of depression. These symptoms can give you insight as to why you have depression or what can be done to help the situation. Here are some of the most common signs of depression:

  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Losing interest in things you once found enjoyable
  • More feelings of fatigue
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Increased anxiety
  • Increased sense of irritation
  • Drastic changes in appetite
  • Drastic changes in weight/increase in weight
  • Mood swings and hard-to-control emotions
  • Increased sense of mortality/thinking of death

These are the most common signs of depression, but you might not necessarily be feeling all of them at once. Many times, the signs of depression come as a combination of one or many of these symptoms. If you are experiencing prolonged symptoms that match these, then there is a chance that you are suffering from depression. Conducting sessions with a therapist can do your mind and soul wonders. Dr. Winsten is providing such Psychotherapist services to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Signs of Grief

Just as you need to know the signs of depression if you are going to identify and treat it, you also need to know the signs of grief. Grief is a totally normal emotion that all of us deal with at some point in life. However, there is a point where grief can take over the mind and interfere with our mental health. If you have reached that point, you might be experiencing some of the following symptoms:

  • Shock or numbing
  • Anger at the one lost
  • Self-blame or thoughts like “I wish it had been me instead”
  • Great sorrow
  • And possibly physical symptoms of stress as well.

If you experience any singular or combination of these symptoms, then you might be suffering from depression and grief. Depression and grief are normal to feel from time to time, but if it is hindering your life and you want to achieve a healthier mental state, then it’s best to talk to a professional that can help you work through the feelings that you have and improve your day-to-day mental state.

Work With Someone You Can Trust

If you are feeling depression and grief, then the first thing you want to do is work with a depression and grief counselor that you can trust and that you feel comfortable with. I can help you overcome the issues that surround your depression and grief with a compassionate, respectful approach to the feelings you are dealing with. If you want to find someone to talk to that you can trust to guide you through the process with a gentle hand and help you recover in a gentle way, then I am the right therapist for you.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact a Greater San Francisco Bay Area Psychotherapist today.