Trauma Therapy Berkeley

Have you experienced events in your life that were so overwhelming and stressful that they would cause anyone to shut down their feelings?  Perhaps you have horrid thoughts or visions that plague you?  Or perhaps you have powerful feelings that disrupt your life but you find you have no memories from where they derive?

Maybe you have too much anxiety, depression, or loneliness; or find that you are numb emotionally or physically, or maybe your relationships don’t seem to work out; or you are addicted to substances, food, TV,  electronic devices or work; or perhaps your life is just not coming together as you wish.

I specialize in trauma therapy and can help you. Contact me today to schedule a session.

Trauma And PTSD Therapy

Sometimes when psychological or emotional symptoms are severe and strong there are causes we need to identify and explore.  Childhood abuse and neglect, spousal or partner abuse, severe health crises or accidents, early loss of a parent, or other catastrophic events can cause these symptoms.

In a warm, compassionate, and safe environment, I will help you to gently come to link up your feelings and experiences with these life events.  The problems you are struggling with currently will lead the way to understand the truth of your past life, and we will find a way to release you from their grip.

I have studied the treatment of such serious problems for many years under the guidance of experts in the field.   I have specialized in this treatment and have facilitated great relief in many people.  I encourage you to give this work a try for a lasting change.

Are you looking for a therapist in Berkeley, CA that specializes in trauma and PTSD? Don’t go anywhere else. I can truly help you. You just need to make the first step and reach out to me.